Welcome to Enzo's Legacy, a project showing an interactive timeline of all Ferrari models. As a fellow car enthusiast, I enjoy browsing the internet to learn about cool cars. However, I failed to find an easy-to-browse database of all Ferraris ever made, so I decided to make my own!

Disclaimer: A Labor of Love, Not Precision

Please note that this is a hobby project. It is not meant as an accurate archive. I've collected the data myself from various books and websites. In the process, I've had to make many decisions about how to list all models. Often a model with the same name can have different design features. My general rule of thumb is that if there are great differences in the design, it is listed as a unique model.

It is likely that errors have snuck in. If you spot any, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

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I'd love to connect with fellow enthusiasts! Whether you want to share feedback, report an error, or just chat about cars, feel free to reach out. You can reach me via email, my personal website, or Twitter.

Behind the Scenes

I designed and built this website from scratch using D3JS. Special shoutout to Ricky Purnell for the artwork on the landing page—be sure to see more of his work!

Happy exploring!